About Kevin Bayley
My training as a lawyer was working for civil rights for people with disabilities. I saw how difficult facing the prospect of aging and incapacity can be. Although I got a sense of the power of the law to change people's lives for the better, I was frustrated at the pace it took. Sometimes years passed before a case could be finished.

I wanted to help people with their estate planning because I truly believe having a well-thought out, professional estate plan can make your life, and your family members' lives, better. That's why I work closely with each of my clients to determine what they want.  No plan is completed until they are satisfied. 

I'm a life-long California resident who has always felt driven to work hard for my community through volunteering and political action. These days, when I'm not helping other families, I'm spending time with my wife and our two young daughters. I also serve on the board of Sierra Madre Community Nursery School.